Go English School Prep

Is your child entering an English speaking education? Prepare them for successful onboarding and significantly reduce stress related to foreign language education.

GoNative Year 1 English School Prep Program

This program is designed for primary school aged children that will be entering an English education program and is structured to give them the basic academic foundation to begin in Year 1.  It will focus on the English alphabet, letters and their corresponding sounds, numbers up to 20, colors, shapes, and common sight words.  It will also include a basic reading component used to help students become familiar with how English sounds and how words are pronounced. The program is an equivalent of one regular semester in our school but condensed to a month of teaching.

Duration: 4 weeks

Frequency: 3 x week 3 hours




week 1

8-10 July

5-7 August

week 2

15-17 July

12-14 August

week 3

22-24 July

19-21 August

week 4

29-31 July

26-28 August

How to apply? Please email us at info@gonative.edu.pl or call us at +48575268410

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