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Is your child entering an English speaking education? Prepare them for successful onboarding and significantly reduce stress related to foreign language education.

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Zapraszamy Twoje dziecko na aktywny wypoczynek wakacyjny prowadzony przez anglojęzycznych native speakerów szkoły Go Native! Z super przewodnikami z Irlandii, Kanady, Nigerii oraz Anglii, lato w mieście nigdy nie będzie nudne! Proponujemy dwa unikalne programy bogate w interakcję w języku angielskim, w gry i zabawy urozmaicone przez ciekawe miejsca na mapie Warszawy.

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About Us

In Go Native School of English we believe there is no better way to learn English than with a native speaker-educator. We know that full immersion into the English language and culture brings the best and fastest results. That is why all our teachers come from Anglo-Saxon countries and our students have little to no chance to speak Polish in the classroom. To learn more, take a look at these benefits of studying English with native English educators in our school:

Perfect Pronunciation

English might pair different vowels and consonants together when compared to your native language and this could affect how you pronounce the words when you speak aloud.  Similarly, learning from someone who has English as a second language means that you will pick up on their pronunciation, rather than the way a native speaker verbalises the words. With their influence, you will be listening to the correct pronunciation of words and be able to verbalise sounds and syllables accurately.

Increase Your Confidence

Speaking a second language in front of a native speaker can certainly be nerve-wrecking but it is the best way to grow in confidence.  As well as providing you with feedback and corrections when necessary, your teacher will give you the praise and validation when you master a difficult word, phrase, or construct. When you are going to be visiting or living in an English-speaking country, it is important to have the confidence to be able to speak English in public, and learning from a native speaker will give you the courage to show off your skills.

Get Used to Different Accents

When you study with native speakers, you are learning from individuals who have authentic accents and speak in a variety of dialects.  This will give you the experience you need to converse in English in real-world environments and the confidence to try out your newfound skills.

Understand the Culture

The English language is filled with idiosyncrasies, metaphors, and colloquialisms.  An English person might say, ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’ when they mean that it’s raining heavily, for example, or say ‘cheers’ instead of ‘thank you’ in an informal situation. Being able to speak and understand English is so much more than an academic study of grammatical rules.  If you want to be able to truly engage with people in English, it’s important to understand how to use these colloquialisms and when to use them. Of course, there’s no better person to learn this from than a native English speaker.