Go Kids (5-9)

Our mission is to progress children’s level of English through the year in the most intense way possible. We start by testing their ability at entry using standard Cambridge Qualification testing. Then they get qualified to one of the following groups depending on their proficiency level:


Child is able to recognise colours and shapes, answer simple questions about themselves, has the ability to write short one word answers to basic questions.


They understand basic instructions in English, are able to fill out a simple form or respond to questions about themselves, answer questions and write down simple facts (days of the week, times and names).


Children at this level explain differences between two stories or pictures, write or tell a story in English, ask questions and are able to use the past tense.

We qualify to learning groups not only based on age but we combine age with current skills and abilities. Those are then again tested towards year end with Cambridge Qualification testing.

Our program, fully based on immersion philosophy follows Cambridge Qualification curriculum and is run twice a week for 55 minutes in small groups of 2-8 children.